Quality Licensed Child Care Programs

Located Throughout The Waterloo Region

Listed below:

7 Full Site Locations for children from 0 months up to 12 years of age and further down we have our 8 Youth Development (Grades 3-6) Locations


Jacob Hespeler Child Care Centre   

(Located in Centennial Public School) 

100 Weaver Street, Cambridge, ON   N3C 1W4 

Team Leader: Lauren Eby  

Phone: 519-658-2620  Fax: 519-658-5262 

Email: jacobhespelerchildcare@rogers.com

Supervisor: Lou Duggan  

Phone/Fax: 519-651-1090                 

 Email: woodlandcc@rogers.com


Saginaw Child Care Centre   

(Located at Saginaw Public School) 

740 Saginaw Parkway, Cambridge, ON   N1T 1V6 

Supervisor: Debbie Ainlay   

Phone/Fax: 519-740-8066                 

 Email:  saginawchildcare@rogers.com


Woodland Park Child Care Centre   

(Located in Woodland Park Public School)  

555 Ellis Road, Cambridge, ON   N3C 2V4

Supervisor: Lou Duggan       

Phone/Fax: 519-651-1090                 

 Email: woodlandcc@rogers.com


Lackner Woods Child Care

(Located at Lackner Woods Public School)  

151 Zeller Drive, Kitchener, ON   N2A 4H4   

Supervisor: Meaghan Barber 

Phone: 519-895-8718                    

Email:  lacknerwoodschildcare@rogers.com


Janet Metcalfe Child Care

(Located in Janet Metcalfe Public School)  

335 Seabrook Drive, Kitchener, ON  N2R 0G3

Supervisor: Michelle Dutra 

Phone: 519-746-8104                 

Email: westvale@rogers.com


Millen Woods Child Care  

(Located in Millen Woods Public School)  

640 New Hampshire Street, Waterloo, ON   N2K 0A5  

Supervisor: Roslyn Hilgartner     

Phone: 519-888-9000                 

Email: millenwoodscc@bellnet.ca


Westvale Child Care Centre   

(Located in Westvale Public School)

265 Westvale Drive, Waterloo, ON   N2T 2B2   

Supervisor: Michelle Dutra

Phone: 519-746-8104 Fax: 519-746-1965

Email: westvale@rogers.com

Listed Below:

Locations of our 8 Youth Development Programs (Children enrolled in Grades 3 through 6)


Chalmers Youth Development Program

(Located in Chalmers Public School)

35 Chalmers Street South, Cambridge, ON N1R 5B4 

Team Leader: Alisha Brenton      

Phone: 519-577-0456                

Email: chalmersydp@gmail.com

Supervisor: Debbie Ainlay          

 Phone: 519-740-8066                 

Email:  saginawchildcare@rogers.com


Hespeler Youth Development Program

(Located in Hespeler Public School)

300 Winston Blvd. Cambridge, ON N3C 3J6 

Team Leader: Lorraine Robbins   

Phone: 519-503-1670                

Email: hespelerydp@gmail.com

Supervisor: Lou Duggan             

Phone: 519-651-1090                 

Email: woodlandcc@rogers.com


Hillcrest Youth Development Program

(Located in Hillcrest Public School)

31 Renwick Avenue Cambridge, ON N3C 2T5

Team Lead: Lauren Eby

Phone: 519-658-2620 Fax: 519-658-5262

Email: jacobhespelerchildcare@rogers.com

Supervisor: Lou Duggan

Phone/Fax: 519-651-1090

Email: woodlandcc@rogers.com


Breslau Youth Development Program

(Located in Breslau Public School)

58 Joseph St. Breslau, ON N0B1M0

Team Leader: Meaghan Barber

Phone: 519- 242-8589 

Email: Breslauyd@gmail.com

Supervisor: Amy Andress    

Phone: 519-895-8718                       

Email: lacknerwoodschildcare@rogers.com


Suddaby Youth Development Program

(Located in Suddaby Public School)

171 Frederick St. Kitchener, ON N2H 2M6 

Team Lead: Jennifer Burkholder

Phone: 519-577-0465

Email: Suddabyyd@gmail.com

Supervisor: Michelle Dutra        

Phone: 519-746-8104                 

Email:  westvale@rogers.com


Chicopee Hills Youth Development Program

(Located in Chicopee Hills Public School)

800 Fairway Road North Kitchener, ON N2A

Team Lead: Meaghan Barber

Phone: 519-577-0363

Email: chicopeeyd@gmail.com

Supervisor: Amy Andress       

Phone: 519-895-8718             

Email:  lacknerwoodschildcare@rogers.com


Lexington Youth Development Program

(Located in Lexington Public School)

431 Forestlawn Rd. Waterloo, ON N2K 2J5             

Team Lead: Trudy Reimer

Phone: 519-588-0274                 

Email: lexingtonydp@gmail.com

Supervisor: Roslyn Hilgartner      

Phone: 519-888-9000               

Email:  millenwoodscc@bellnet.ca


Bridgeport Youth Development Program

(Located in Bridgeport Public School)

59 Bridge St. W., Kitchener, ON N3C 3J6 

Team Leader: Trudy Reimer      

Phone: 519-503-1850                  

Email: bridgeportydp@gmail.com

Supervisor: Roslyn Hilgartner   

Phone: 519-888-9000                  

Email: millenwoodscc@bellnet.ca